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Michellia Champaca Flower Tree - "Joy" Perfume Flowers

Michellia Champaca Flower Tree - "Joy" Perfume Flowers
Item# michellia-champaca-flower-tree--quotjoyquot-perfume-flowers
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Product Description

Size from 1 1/2 ft+ and more and will grow up to 20' to 25' tall green leaves, Named Jampa in Thai Beatiful Fragrant flower plant For making "Joy" Perfume

The flowers from this tree are used to make the world's most expensive perfume 'Joy'. The extremely aromatic orange blooms appear nearly all year round. Michelias grow fast to provide shade. Trimming will be needed to keep it under control. It blooms heavy in the spring, you can trim it if necessary after the flowers are gone. Grows fast to the size of a large shrub or small tree, 20'-25' in height for out door. It will be smaller for indoor. It is a tropical tree originally from Southeast Asia, however established plants can tolerate light freeze. This Orange/Yellow Champaca is much more cold tolerant than Michelia Alba. The minimum temperature is low 30s. It requires average water. This flower tree is from seed. It will flower within a few years during the warmer months of the year. This tree is popular in Asia but quite new to the American market. Michelia is related to Magnolias but the flowers are not as big and pretty. They are just as heavily scented though. This is one of the best perfume trees for your landscape or in indoor container. The plant doesn't require pruning and has naturally full and bushy shape. You can leave the plant indoor all year round or leave it out side in summer and bring it back in side in October for the cold zone. We do not ship the plant in original container. We lift the plant out of its growing container and remove the loose soil. We put the soil covering the root ball to keep in the moisture.

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