During Winter and some early Spring shipments. Some of the plant materials in this shipment are DORMANT. Which means that even thought they have no green top growth, they will grow from dormant buds when temperatures are right. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season. During Summer/Winter months shipping might be delayed as we only will be shipping on days that we know it wonít harm the plant(s). Monday through Wednesday.
'Apricot Twist' Miniature Rose - Disease Resistant - 4" Pot - Fragrant
'Red Knock Out' Rose Bush - Everblooming/Disease Resistant
2 Hardy Kiwi Plants - Actinidia - Anna and Meader
5 Money Tree Plants Braided into 1 Tree -Pachira-4 inch pot
5 Tropical Mix Collection - Tall Canna - Bulbs/Roots/Rhizomes/ Tubers/
Accent Large Cup Daffodil - 5 bulbs
Adenium Desert ROSE Black Fire House Plant Bonsai
Adenium Desert Rose Perfume House Plant Bonsai
African Blue Basil Live Plant
Alba Plena Peony - 1 root division
All Star Strawberry Plants (Lot of 10)
Allium - Gladiator
Allium - Globemaster
Allium - Graceful
Allium - Mixed Rock Garden
Amaryllis Bulb Gift
Ambiance Amaryllis - 1 bulb Ambiance Amaryllis - 1 bulb
American Chestnut
Anemone coronaria - 10 bulbs
Angelwing Star Jasmine - Jasminum nitidum - Indoors/Out
Ann Star Magnolia Tree - Outdoors or Bonsai - Fragrant -
Anna Liza Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Anne Fall Golden Raspberry Plants
Anne Marie Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Aphrodite Amaryllis - 1 bulb
Apple Blossom Amaryllis - 1 bulb
Apricot Drift Rose
Apricot Passion Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Arabian Jasmine Plant - Maid of Orleans - Fragrant
Arabica Coffee Bean Plant - 4" pot
Arapaho Blackberry Plants
Arapaho Thornless Blackberry Plant
Arbor Day Grow Kit
Arborvitae - Hetz Midget
Arborvitae Emerald Green Pyramidal 2-4 feet
Ard Schenk Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
ardenia 'August Beauty' Flowering Shrub 4 inch pot
Arizona Sun Gaillardia - 2 root divisions
Atom Hardy Gladiolus
August Moon Hosta - 2 root divisions
Aurora Crown Imperial Fritillaria - 1 bulb
Austin Blueberry Bush Plant
Austrian Pine Seedling
Autumn Cherry Tree
Autumn Flowering Higan Cherry
Baby Blue Groundcover Blueberry Plant - 4" Pot - Edible Grouncover - V
Bamboo Leaf Weeping Fig Bonsai Tree - Ficus salicifolia
Bamboo Plant
Bartlett Pear Tree
Bee Balm Mix
Belle Of Georgia Peach
Benjamin Franklin Peony - 1 root division
Bicolor Anemone coronaria 10 Bulbs
Bing Cherry Tree
Bird of Paradise Plant - Strelitzia reginae
Bitter sweet American
Black Dragon Wisteria
Black Eyed Susan
Black Pearl Asiatic Lily - 2 Bulbs 14/16cm - Darkest Lily in the World
Black Raspberry Plants
Blackberry Plants
Blackberry Plants
Blakes Pride Pear Tree
Bloodgood Red Japanese Maple
Blue Angel Hosta - 2 root divisions
Blue Bonnet Gladiolus
Blue Chiffon' Hibiscus Rose of Sharon
Blue Melody Camassia - 5 bulbs
Blue Pacific Juniper
Blue Pearl Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
Blue River II Rose Mallow Perennial - Hibiscus - 3" Pot
Blue Satin Hibiscus Rose of Sharon
Blue Shades Anemone blanda
Blueberry Plants
Blush Satin-Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus
Bold Mix Asiatic Lily 10 Bulbs
Bonsai Plants
Bonsai Pots
Bowl of Beauty Peony - 1 root division
Boxwood Shrubs
Breathless Beauty Daylily - 2 root divisions
Bright Eyes Tall Summer Phlox - 2 root divisions
Brightwell Blueberry Bush Plant
Bronze Beauty Dutch Iris - 4 bulbs
Buddleia Bi-Color Butterfly Bush 4 inch pot
Buddleia Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Davidii Summer Beauty
Buddleia Honeycomb
Buddleia Pink Delight
Buddleia Royal Red
Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus elastica
Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii)
Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii)
Cactus Plant
Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris
Caladium Bulbs Frieda Hemple 3 Bulbs
Caladium Fancy Carolyn Whorton 3 Bulbs - Light Pink/Dark
Caladium White Queen 3 Bulbs - Frosty White/Green/Red
Calla Lily Bulb - Beautiful purple calla lilies
CALLIRHOE involucrata
Calluna vulgaris
Camelot LA Lily - 3 bulbs
Canasta Fringed Tulip
Candy Cane Mix Tulip 10 Bulbs - Lush Pink & Melon
Canna (Bulb/rhizome)
Canna Lily Bulbs - The President Red Canna Rhizomes / Bulbs / Roots (3
Canna mixed (Bulb/rhizome)
Cardinal Red Hydrangea 4 inch pot
Carlton Large Cup Daffodil - 5 bulbs
Carnegie Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Casa Blanca Oriental Lily - 3 bulbs
Catherine Woodbury Daylily - 2 root divisions
Cayenne Red Long Pepper - 100 Seeds
Cedar Green Giant about 8''-12''
Cedar Green Giant about 8-12''
Celica Super Mondo Amaryllis - 1 bulb
Ceramic Bonsai Pots - Japanese Houtoka Brand - Blue
Chandler Junebearer Strawberry Plants
CHELONE lyonii Hot Lips
Chief Asiatic Lily - 3 bulbs
China Pink Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Chinese Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Tree - 3.5" Pot
Chinese Pistache Tree
Chinese Sacred Lily Paperwhites - 5 bulbs
Chinese Trumpet Vine Plant - Campsis grandiflora - 4" P
Chit-Chat Gladiolus
Chives - Hardy Perennial - Easy to Grow! - 3" Pot
Chocolate Mint Live Plant 3'' pot.
Christmas Fern - 2 root divisions
Christmas Gift Amaryllis - 1 bulb
Christmas Mistletoe Fig Tree - Mas Cotek - Ficus
Christmas Tree Kit
Citrine Micro Miniature Rose Bush - Fragrant/Hardy - 4" Pot
City of Harlem Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Clementine Orange Tree
Climbing Antique Rose - Super Hardy - 2.5" Pot
Climbing New Dawn Rose - Most Popular Rose in the World - Potted
Climbing Rose Pink
Cloud Ballet Tall German Bearded Iris - 2 root divisions
Clown Jumbo Amaryllis - 1 bulb
Coast Redwood Grow Kit
Cocktail Tree - Two Trees in 1 Pot - Meyer Lemon/Key Lime
Coffee Plant
COLEUS Alabama Sunset
colocasia - jacks giant - biggest plant
Colorado Blue Spruce Seedling
Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Growing Kit
Concord Seedless Blue Grape Vine Plant
Concorde Barberry - Berberis
Coneflower Twilight
Constantinopolitanus Paperwhites - 5 bulbs
Coral Bells Palace Purple - Heuchera - Shade Perennial
Coral Charm Peony - 1 root division
Corkscrew Rush
Crape Myrtle Dwarf Miami
Crape Myrtle Dynamite
Crape Myrtle Dynamite
Crape Myrtle Peppermint
Crape Myrtle Pink Velour
Crape Myrtle Tonto (Dark Red)
Crape Myrtle Trees
Crape Myrtle White Natchez
Creeping Phlox Blue
Creeping Phlox Perennial - One Quart Pot
Creeping Phlox Plants
Creeping Pink Phlox
Crimson Pygmy Barberry
Crimson Treasure Micro Mini Rose Bush - Fragrant/Hardy - 4" Pot
Croton Plant
Cuban Oregano - Plectranthus barbatus - Potted Herb - 2.5" Pot
Cupido Calochortus - 5 bulbs
Dancing Dolphin Plant
Dancing Dolphin Plant - Columnea - Easy House Plant - 4 inch pot
Danish Flag Afghan Poppy 250 Seeds
Deciduous Exbury Azalea Cheerful Giant
Delft Blue Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Delibes Large Cup Daffodil - 5 bulbs
Deluxe Paperwhite Bulb Gift
Desert ROSE Miss Beauty House Plant Bonsai
Diamond Head Elephants Ear - Colocasia - 4" Pot
Dicentra - Bleeding Heart -Luxuriant
Dicentra - Bleeding Heart Aurora
Dicentra - Bleeding Heart King of Hearts
Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding Heart
Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding Heart - White
Dogwood Silky
Dolly Madison Asiatic Lily - 3 bulbs
Double Dragon Amaryllis - 1 bulb
Double Dream Daylily - 2 root divisions
Double Knockout Rose
Double Pink Knock Out Rose - Hot Pink - Disease Resistant
Double Pink Knockout Roses
Double Purple Desert Rose Plant - Adenium - House Plant/Bonsai - 4" Po
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit Plant - Hylocereus - Pitaya/Strawberry Pear - 3" Pot
Dreadlocks Croton - 6" Pot - Colorful House Plant - Easy to Grow
Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle Vine - Lonicera - Potted
Dutch Master Daffodil
Dutch Master Trumpet Daffodil - 5 bulbs
Dwarf Alberta 'Conica' Spruce - Picea - Potted - Mini Christmas Trees
Dwarf Cherry Plant - Pre Bonsai or Houseplant
Dwarf Curry Herb Plant - Helichrysum - 3 Inch Pot
Dwarf Curry Herb Plant - Helichrysum - 3" Pot
Dwarf Forsythia Shrub - Compact - Hardy
Dwarf Pomegrante Tree
Dwarf Red Hardy Azalea
Dwarf Snow White Mockorange - Philadelphus
Easter Bonnet LA Lily - 3 bulbs
Eastern White Pine
Edible Passion Vine Plant - Passiflora caerulea
Elephant Ear
Etched Design Ceramic Japanese Bonsai Pot
Euonymus Burning Bush
Evergreen Bunching Onion-200 Seeds
Evergreen shrubs
Evergreen Trees
Evergreen Wisteria
Exbury Azalea Arneson Rub
Exbury Azalea Candy Lights
Exbury Azalea Klondyke
Exbury Azalea Pink and Sweet - Purplish Pink
Eye of the Tiger Dutch Iris - 5 bulbs
Fast Growing Shrubs
Fast Growing Trees
Felix Crousse Peony - 1 root division
Fiddleleaf Fig Tree - Ficus - Great Indoor Tree - Easy - 4" Pot
Fire Power Nandina
Firefly Coral Bells - Heuchera - Fragrant - Shade Perennial
Firefly Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
Flamenco Red Trumpet Vine - Campsis - 4" Pot
Flower Bulbs
Flowering Dogwood Tree Kit
Flowering Pear Bradford
Flowering shrub
Flowering Tree
Flutterby Grande ;Peach Cobbler; Butterfly Bush
Flutterby Lavender Butterfly Bush - Buddleia
Forsythia Lynwood Gold
Forsythia Lynwood Gold
Fortune Large Cup Daffodil - 5 bulbs
Franz Hals Daylily - 2 root divisions
Freedom's Glow Asiatic Lily - 3 bulbs
Fresh Spearmint Plant for Cosmopolitan - Grow Indoors/Out - 4" Pot
Fruit Plants
Fruit Trees
Fruiting Plants
Fun Time Gladiolus
Gardenview Scarlet-Bee Balm Perennial - Monarda
Giant Snowdrop Galanthus - 5 bulbs
Giant Sunflower Kit - Hundreds of Jumbo Sun Flower Seeds for Planting
Giant Sweet Pepper - 20 Seeds
Ginkgo Tree
Giovanni Oriental Lily - 3 bulbs
Glowing Embers Hydrangea macrophylla - Excellent Bloomer - 4" Pot
Gold Tide Dwarf Forsythia Shrub - Compact - Hardy - 4" Pot
Gold Tip White Spruce Bonsai Tree - Picea glauca - 4" Pot
Goldcot Apricot Tree
Golden Crown of Thorns Plant - Euphorbia - RARE! - 4" Pot
Golden Devil's Ivy - Pothos - Epipremnum - Very Easy to Grow
Golden Giant Dutch Iris - 5 bulbs
Golden Orange Hibiscus
Golden Primrose Jasmine - Stunning Yellow Blooms -
Golden Raintree
Golden Sage Herb - Grow Indoors/Out
Golden Vicary Privet - Ligustrum - Easy to Grow - 4" Pot
Goldfish Plant -
Goldfish Plant - 6" Hanging Basket - Blooms Constantly!
Goldilocks Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
Grace Smoketree
Grape Hyacinth Muscari - 6 bulbs
Grape Tomato 50 Seeds
Green Giant Arborvitae 1-2ft
Green Island Ficus Pre-Bonsai Tree - 4" Pot
Green Mountain Boxwood
Green Panda Bamboo - Bamboo - Fargesia
Green Star Gladiolus - 5 bulbs
Ground Cover Plants
Grow Kit
Grower's Mix Asiatic Lily - 3 bulbs
Guacamole Hosta - 2 root divisions
Habanero Pepper - 100 Seeds
Hahni Birdsnest' Snake Plant - Sanseveria - Almost Impossible to Kill
Halcyon Hosta - 2 root divisions
Hall's Pink Daylily - 2 root divisions
Hardy Hibiscus Shrub
Hardy Kiwi Plants-Meader
Hawaiian Spider Plant - Easy to Grow - Cleans the Air - Creme & Green
Heart Leaf
Heart Leaf Philodendron - Easiest House Plant to Grow
Heart Leaf Philodendron - Easiest House Plant to Grow - Philodendron
Heather - Calluna vulgaris - Hardy - 2x3 Inch Pot
Hedgehog Agave Plant - Sun/Shade - Indoors/Out - Agave geminiflora
Heritage Red Raspberry Bushes
Himrod Seedless Grape Plant
Hokus Crocus
Holiday Hyacinth Gift
Hollandia Anemone coronaria - 10 bulbs
Honey Crisp Apple Tree
Honeysuckle Bush - 2.5 Pot
Hosta Minuteman Hosta's
Hosta Plants
Hot And Spicy Oregano - Potted Herb
Hoya Kerrii Sweatheart - 4" Pot
Hybrid Tomato 50 Seeds
Hydrangea - Forever Pink 4 inch pot
Hydrangea - Sister Theresa 4 inch pot
Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle 4 inch pot
Hydrangea Shrub
Inbal Paperwhites - 5 bulbs
Incense Passion Flower - Passiflora - Indoors/Out! - Potted
Indian Summer Trumpet Vine Plant - Campsis - 4" Pot
Indoor Plants
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
Ivy Plants
Jacaranda Tree
Jacob's Ladder Plant
Jalapeno Chile Pepper - 100 Seeds
Jan Bos Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Jan Bos Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree Kit
Japanese Bloodgrass-Bold Red Spikes
Japanese Pink Wisteria Vine
Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree - Small acer palmatum 'atropurpurea'
Japanese Red Maple Tree
Japanese White Wisteria
Japanese Wisteria Amethyst Blue
Joyce Dwarf Iris - 5 bulbs
Juniper Blue Rug Ground Cover 2 inch pot
Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift
Kaffir Lime Grafted Citrus Tree
Kandy Korn Sweet Corn - 300 Seeds
King of the Striped Large Flowering Crocus - 5 bulbs
Kopper King Perennial Hibiscus - 4 inch Pot - Colorful/Burgundy Foliage
Kwanzan Cherry Tree
Kwanzan Cherry Tree 3-4 Feet
Lady Fern
Lady Margaret Passion Flower Plant - Passiflora - 4 Inch Pot
Large Japanese Juniper Bonsai Growing in Oval Ceramic Pot
Las Vegas Daffodils
Laura Tall Summer Phlox - 2 root divisions
Lavender Mint Plant 3'' Pot.
Leatherwood Fern
Leichtlinii Camassia - 5 bulbs
Lemon & Cream Wax Plant - Hoya - Great House Plant - 4" Pot
Lemon Grass Plant
Lemon Grass Plant- Must Have Herb!
Lemon Scented Goldcrest' Cypress Tree - Indoors/Out
Lemon Thyme Plant - Smells Like Lemon/Tastes Like Lemon - 4 Inch Pot
Let's Dance Moonlight Hydrangea 4 inch pot
Leyland Cypress 1-2 ft.
Leyland Cypress 2-3 ft.
Leyland Cypress Tree
Liatris - Blazing Spicata
Lilac - Common White
Lilac - Dwarf Korean
Lilac MIs Kim
Lilac Sunday
Live Aloe Vera - Indoor Bonsai - Gift Medicine Plant
Live Spiral 3 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Ceramic Vase B
Live Spiral 7 Style Lucky Bamboo PlanBrand Men's T-shirt
Live Zen Juniper Bonsai Tree Great Gift
Living Fence Shrubs
Luna Pink Swirl Perennial Hibiscus Plant - 4 Inch Pot
Luna Red-Hibiscus Plant - Perennial - 4 inch Pot
Lutea Fritillaria Crown Imperial imperialis - 1 bulb
Magnolia Sweetbay
Magnus Coneflower - 2 root divisions
Mandarin Honeysuckle Vine - Perennial - Lonicera - 4" Pot
Marina Strawberry Tree - Arbutus - Outdoors/Edible/Bonsai - 4" Pot
Melting Fire Coral Bells - Heuchera
Meyer Lemon Tree - Potted - Fruiting Size - 8" Pot - Citrus
Meyers Spruce Seedling
Michellia Champaca Flower Tree - "Joy" Perfume Flowers
Midnight Rose Heuchera - Coral Bells
Mini Amaryllis Basket
Mini Belle Pepper Mix - 50 Seeds
Mini Jade Plant Bonsai Starter Plant - Portulacaria afra - 4" Pot
Minuet Dwarf Mountain Laurel - Kalmia - Very Hardy
Miss Saigon Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Miss Saigon Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Mixed Anemone De Caen 10 bulbs
Mixed Anemone St. Brigid 10 bulbs
Mixed Blue and White Magic Muscari - 6 bulbs
Mixed Calochortus - 5 bulbs
Mixed Daylilies - 3 root divisions
Mixed Dutch Iris - 5 bulbs
Mixed Dwarf Iris - 5 bulbs
Mixed Gladiolus Value Pack
Mixed Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Mixed Large Cup Daffodils - 5 bulbs
Mixed Large Flowering Crocus - 5 Bulbs
Mixed Muscari - 6 bulbs
Mixed Oriental Lily - 3 bulbs
Mixed Peonies
Mixed Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
Mixed Triumph Tulips (10 Bulbs) - Assorted Colors of Tulip Bulbs
Mojito Elephants Ear - Colocasia - 4" Pot - Indoors/Out
Mole Plant - AMAZING - REPELS MOLES - Euphorbia - 2 inch pot
Money Tree
Mosquito Repelling Creeping Lemon Thyme Plant
Mountain Laurel Elf
Mountain Laurel Ostbo Red
Mr. Fokker Anemone coronaria - 10 bulbs
Multi Blue Clematis - Navy Blue Double Flower - 2.5" Pot
Munstead-Lavender Herb - Perennial - Grow Inside or Out
Muscadine Grape Plant - The Largest Muscadine - 4 Inch Pot
Muscadine Plants
Muscari Armeniacum
Myrtle Gentry Peony - 1 root division
Naked Lady Amaryllis Belladonna - 2 bulbs
Night Blooming Jasmine Fragrant
Nikko Blue Hydrangea 4 inch pot
Norway Spruce Seedling
Nut Trees
Ocean Magic Muscari - 6 bulbs
Ocean Spider Plant - Easy to Grow - Cleans the Air
Okame Cherry Tree
Old Fashioned Fragrant Lilac Shrubs
Olive Tree - Tree of Peace - Olea europaea
Olympic Fire- Mountain Laurel
Orange Art Tango Lily 3 bulbs
Orange Plumeria Plant - Frangipani - 4" pot - Grafted
Orange Sun Pepper - 20 Seeds
Orange Trumpet Vine Plant - Campis radicans
Orchid Glads 4 Bulbs
Organic Rainbow Bell Pepper 40 Seeds
Oriental Weeping Fig Tree - Ficus - Bonsai or House Plant - 4" Pot
Ornamental Grass Seeds
Ornamental Grasses
Osmanthus Fragrans Sweet Olive One Gallon
Ozark Beauty Everbearer Strawberry Plants
Ozark Plum Tree
Page List
Pagoda Dogwood
Painted Desert Siberian Iris
Paperwhite Bulb Gift
Paree Peony - 1 root division
Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree
Parlor Palm
Passion Flower
Patriot Hosta - 2 root divisions
Patriot Rose Of Sharon
Paw Paw Trees - Banana fruit - Asimina triloba
Peace Lily
Peace Lily Plant - Spathyphyllium - Great House Plant
Peace Lily Plant - Spathyphyllium - Great House Plant
Peppermint Herb Plant - Very Fragrant - Mentha - 3.5" Pot
Persian Lilac Schrubs
Persian Lilac Tree Form
Persian Lime Tree - Potted
Peter Stuyvesant Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Petunia Seeds
PG Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) 4 inch pot
Philodendron Split Leaf Monstera deliciosa Folage Plant
Picotee Lace Daylily - 2 root divisions
Pieces of Eight Fairy Rose Bush - Mini/Fragrant/Hardy - Hardy - 4" Pot
Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire
Pineapple Plant - Ananas - Great Indoors/Out - 4" Pot
Pink Annabelle Hydrangea 4 inch pot
Pink Brazilian Jasmine Plant - Mandevilla - 3" Pot
Pink Christmas Cactus Plant - Zygocactus - 4" Pot
Pink Delight Butterfly Bush - Buddleia
Pink Dream Gladiolus
Pink Flowering Almond Tree
Pink Flowering Dogwood
Pink Jasmine Plant - Jasminum polyanthum - Fragrant
Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant
Pink Pampas Grass
Pink Pampas Grass - 200 Seeds
Pink Parfait Mix Asiatic Lily - 5 bulbs
Pink Pearl Oriental Lily - 3 bulbs
Pink Pompadour Peony - 1 root division
Pistache Chinese Tree
Plumbago Plant Blue
Poplar Hybrid Populus Nigra
Poppy Seeds
Prairie Bella Daylily - 2 root divisions
Pre Bonsai Tree - Gmelina philippensis - 4" Pot - Indoors
Premium Ceramic Bonsai Pot
Premium Ceramic Bonsai Pot plus Saucer
Primrose French Lilac - Syringa - First Yellow Lilac
Privacy Hedges
Pro Bonsai Pot/Saucer Pre-Wired/Screened
Pro Bonsai Pot/Saucer Pre-Wired/Screened-Mustard
Purple Crocus Gift
Purple Heart Plant - Setcreasea - Indoors or Out - Easy - 4" Pot
Purple leaved Honeysuckle Vine - Lonicera - 2.5" Pot
Purple Oregano Herb - Good Scents/Good Groundcover
Purple Passion Spinach 100 Seeds
Purple Sensation Dutch Iris
Purple Wisteria Vines
Quamash Camassia - 5 bulbs
Queen Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Rainbow Plumeria Plant - Frangipani - 4" pot - Grafted
Rajah Daylily - 2 root divisions
Rare Black Bat Plant -Tacca chanterii - Exotic Houseplant - 4" Pot
Rare Golden Gardenia - Changes Color from Ivory to Yellow to Gold
Rare Yellow Christmas Cactus Plant - Zygocactus - 4 inch pot
Rasberry Plants
Raspberry Ruffles Daylily - 2 root divisions
Red Brazilian Jasmine Plant - Indoors/Out - Mandevilla
Red bud Alba Tree
Red Bud Oklahoma
Red Christmas Cactus Plant - Zygocactus - 4 Inch Pot
Red Crown of Thorns Plant - Euphorbia splendens
Red Delight Tulip Garden
Red Dragon Weeping Japanese Maple 2 - Year Graft
Red Habanero Pepper 15 Seeds - Extremely Hot
Red Leaf Barberry
Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)
Red Pine Seedling
Red Plumeria Plant - Frangipani - 4" pot - Grafted
Red Summer Cherry Trees
Reliance Seedless Grape Plant - Jellies/Juice
Rio Negro Oriental Lily - 3 bulbs
River Birch Tree
ro Bonsai Pot/Saucer - Pre-Wired/Screened
Rosa Hansen Hedge
ROSA Shooting Star
Rose Bush - Strong Fragrance - Butter Yellow - Disease Resistant
Rose Bushes
Rose Of Sharon 8-14 inches
Rose Shrubs
Rosemary Plant - Great Gift for Indoors or Out
Royal Purple Smoke Bush
Royal Sunset LA Lily - 3 bulbs
Rubra Crown Imperial Fritillaria - 1 bulb
Rubra Plena Peony - 1 root division
Ruby Carpet Groundcover Blueberry Plant - 4" Pot -Edible Grouncover -
Ruby Giant Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
Ruby Glow Passion Flower Plant - Passiflora - 4 Inch Pot
Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree - Fruiting Size
Rugosa Rose Red
Sanchoyo Rose of Sharon-Hibiscus - Deep Pink Peony Color
Sarah Bernhardt Peony - 1 root division
Sawtooth Oak Tree
Serotina Belgica Honeysuckle Vine - Early Dutch - Lonicera - 2.5" Pot
Serviceberry Tree
Shirley Temple Peony - 1 root division
Silky Dogwood
Silver Scrolls Coral Bells - Heuchera
Snake Plant
Snake Plants
Snow White Hardy Hibiscus
Snowbelle-Mockorange - Philadelphus - Low Grower!
Sourwood Tree
Southern Belle Mix-Hibiscus Perennial - Nine Inch Blooms - One Quart
Spearmint Herb Plant
Spider Plants
Staghorn Fern 4 Inch Hanging Basket
Stained Glass Hosta - 2 root divisions
Stargazer Oriental Lily - 3 bulbs
Stormy Seas Fancy Leaf Coral Bells - Heuchera
Strawberry & Cream Ruby Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus - 4" Pot
Strawberry Candy Daylilies - 2 root divisions
Strawberry Plants
Strawberry Plants - Quinault - Everbearer
String of Pearls - Senecio - Easy to Grow
Stylized Japanese Ligustrum Bonsai Tree
Sugar Baby Watermelon 100 Seeds
Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)
Sugar Snap Peas 400+ Seeds
Sugar Tip Hibiscus Rose of Sharon - Creamy/White Tips
Summer Sunset Blueberry Plant -Pink/Blue/Yellow/Purple/Orange/Red Berr
Sunny Knockout Rose
Super Dwarf Patio Banana Plant
Swedish Ivy - Plectranthus verticillatus - Easy to Grow House Plant -
Sweet Bay Laurel Herb 4 Inch Pot
Sylphide Anemone coronaria - 10 bulbs
Symphony Calochortus - 5 bulbs
Tamarack Larch Seedling
tarlight Weeping Fig Tree - Indoor Tree/Bonsai/Fairy Garden -Ficus
Tequila Blue Agave Cactus / Agave Plant - Easy to Grow
Thuja Green Giant 2.5' - 4 feet (3 gallon pot)
Thuja Green Giant 15''-3 feet (1 Gallon Pot)
Tiger Play Tango Lily - 3 bulbs
Tightwad Crape Myrtle Tree - Red Flowers - 4" pot
Top Hat Blueberry Bush
Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter
Topsy Turvy Tomato and Herb Planter
Tri-Color Species Crocus - 5 bulbs
Tropical Plants
Tulip - Double Late - Angelique
Tulip - Double Late - Carnival De Nice
Tulip - Double Late - Double Focus
Tulip - Double Late - Double Focus
Tulip - Double Late - Orange Princess
Tulip - Double Late - Wirosa
Tulip - Fringed - Lambada
Tulip - Shirley
Tulip - Single Early - Micky Mouse
Tulip - Single Early - White Marvel
Tulip - Single Late - Menton
Tulip - Single Late - Queen of the Night
Tulip - Single Late - Recreado
Tulip - Single Late - Sorbet
Tulip - Triumph - Prinses Irene
Tulip Double Late Ice Cream
Tulip Greenland
Tulip Pink Diamond
Tulip Poplar Tree
Vanilla Vine Orchid Plant
Vegetable Seeds
Venus Flytrap
Venus Flytrap - Fly Trap - Dionaea Muscipula Carnivorous Plant 3 inch
Vermeer Asiatic Lily - 3 bulbs
Victorian Parlor Palm - Chamaedorea - Indestructable - 4" Pot
Vista Gladiolus
Water Jasmine - Wrightia religiosa - Bonsai/House Plant - 6" Pot
Watermelon Color Crape Myrtle Tree
Weeping Higan Cherry
Weeping Willow Tree
Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree
Weigela & Wine and Roses
Weigela Wine Roses
White Azalea
White Cedar Seedling
White Chiffon Hibiscus
White Christmas Cactus Plant - Zygocactus - 4" Pot
White Creeping Pholox
White Flowering Dogwood
White Pampas Grass
White Pampas Grass - 200 Seeds
White Perfection Dutch Iris
White Plumeria Plant - Frangipani - 4" pot - Grafted
White Rock-Mockorange - Philadelphus - Semi Double Flowers
White Swan Coneflower - 2 root divisions
White Weeping Cherry
Wild Grape Vines
Wind Song Gladiolus
Woodbury Daylily - 2 root divisions
Woodstock Hyacinth - 5 bulbs
Woronowii Galanthus - 5 bulbs
Yankee Doodle Lilac
Yellow Azalea
Yellow Delicious Apple Tree
Yellow Hibisucs
Yellow Plumeria Plant - Frangipani - 4" pot - Grafted
Yellow Trumpet Vine Plant - Campsis radicans 'Flava' - 4" Pot
Yoshino Cherry Tree
Yoshino Cryptomeria
Zebra Grass
Ziva Paperwhites - 5 bulbs