During Winter and some early Spring shipments, some of the plant materials in this shipment are DORMANT.
This means that even though they have no green top growth, they will grow from dormant buds when temperatures are right. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season. During Summer/Winter months shipping might be delayed as we only will be shipping on days that we know it wonít harm the plant(s). Monday through Thursday

Bee Balm Mix

Bee Balm Mix
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Product Description

The richly colored flowers of bee balm are perfect for fast-growing borders. Each brilliant bloom explodes like reworks atop the tall stems. Hummingbirds really love the big blooms.

3 total plants mixed. Botanical Name: Monarda didyma Form: Perennial Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun Height/Habit: 2 - 3' Spread: 15 - 18" Spacing: 12 - 24" Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9 (-20 degrees F) Foliage Type: Medium green leaves, ovate to lanceolate 3-6" long, downy on the underside of the leaves. Flower Form: 2" terminal cluster, surrounded by bracts - "spidery" tubular flowers in whorls. Flower Color: Pink, red, white, or purple. Flowering Date: Early to mid summer. Planting Requirements: Plant crown 1/2" below the soil surface. Plants are susceptible to powdery mildew - thin to increase air circulation in established clumps. Soil Requirements: Well drained moisture retentive soil Growth Rate: Moderate to fast. Unique Characteristics: It is a good plant for the perennial garden with bright color on strong sturdy stems. Very attractive to hummingbirds. Used in some oils and perfumes to mask odor of ill-smelling chemicals. Pruning: Thin in spring; cut back to ground in fall. Additional Information: Practice clean cultivation at all times. Preventative applications of fungicide will help control mildew. Divide in spring to maintain vigor (at least every 3 years; fertilize when replanting) Not drought tolerant. Locate where spreading tendencies won't be a problem.

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