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Mojito Elephants Ear - Colocasia - 4" Pot - Indoors/Out

Mojito Elephants Ear - Colocasia - 4" Pot - Indoors/Out
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Product Description

Loves water, a great pond plant. Hardy in Zones 7-10. In cooler regions it can be brought inside as a house plant in the winter. Easy to grow. Prefers sun or part-sun. The starter plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot.

This beautiful colocasia speaks for itself. Incredible contrasting blacks and greens adorn its leaves. This camouflage effect is matched with light green stems streaked with dark purple that fade up to pink. What a great attention getter! The most spectacular Elephant's Ear yet! At 5-6 feet high and wide it's perfect in pots, spreading its graceful foliage over the border; or standing in solitary splendor in partly-shaded gardens. Interplant it with whites for a formal effect, or dress it up with bright green foliage plants and low-blooming flowers, it's great with lavender or pink! This plant has survived to Zone 7. The Mojito Elephants Ear also makes a great water plant along the edge of your pond! The Mojito Elephants Ear can also be grown year round indoors. Place it in a sunny window and set it in a saucer of water and it will be spectacular! Hardy in zones 7-10. In cooler regions it can be cut back and brought inside as a house plant in the winter. Proper name: Colocasia esculenta 'Mojito'