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Sunny Knockout Rose

Sunny Knockout Rose
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Product Description

* Fast growing, so you don't have to wait * Drought tolerant, means no watering * Pest & disease resistant * Long blooming, up to 9 months! * Adapts to many soils and conditions * Fragrant flowers, a first for knockouts

Delightful new shrub rose from the Knockout Rose series. Now you can add sweet lemony yellow to your all-summer rose show. Sunny is the first Yellow Knockout Rose, and it comes with a neat little twist. Amazing abundance of blooms and a lovely scent, too. The flowers open bright golden yellow and age to a soft buttery hue. Excellent vigor, even in cold climates.

Youíll enjoy excellent disease and pest resistance from Sunny Knockout Roses. Knockouts are incredibly easy to grow shrub roses. They adapt to most soils and a wide range of climates across the country. So reliable, they are a favorite among landscape professionals and homeowners too. The blooming just goes on and on when you grow Sunny Knockout roses. This free flowering shrub rose is one blooming machine from late spring until frost.

Easy to grow Sunny Knockout Roses deserve a space in your yard. Enjoy it as a single specimen or a striking designer hedge. Your new rose bushes will have beautiful glossy foliage that remains disease free all season. The magic heats up in fall when the chill turns the leaves to bold burgundy. Imagine the show the yellow roses will make against such vivid foliage!

We prune your Knockout Roses before we ship them out to give you an explosion of growth when you receive them.

You get three seasons of beauty and a green thumb with Sunny Knockout Rose. Our customers rely on us to provide them with fast growing, healthy landscape roses. Your new yellow rose bushes will arrive in great shape, ready to create instant beauty in your yard. Donít delay in reserving some Sunny Knockouts right away. This is their second season on the market and availability wonít last long.

Growing Zones: 5-9

Mature Height: 3-4 ft. Mature Width: 3-4 ft. Sunlight: Full - Partial Soil Conditions: Adaptable Drought Tolerance: Good Botanical Name: Rosa 'RADsunny'

Currently shipping 4-6 inch pots depending on if in season or out of season.

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